Olympic Kabaddi

Leading the charge in Olympic Kabaddi, we offer unparalleled sports management, elite athlete development, global exposure, and strategic partnerships. Elevate your game with us and become part of an international kabaddi legacy.

Dirt Kabaddi

Introducing Dirt Kabaddi to the world, we blend tradition with thrill, offering top-notch management, elite training programs, global exposure, and groundbreaking marketing strategies. Join us to revolutionize Dirt Kabaddi and carve your legacy.

Traditional Kabaddi

Specializing in Traditional Kabaddi, we offer comprehensive management, expert coaching, international exposure, and strategic marketing to nurture talent and celebrate heritage. Embrace your roots with us and become a global Kabaddi ambassador.

Women Table Tennis

Dedicated to Women’s Table Tennis, we provide premier management, cutting-edge training, global competition access, and innovative marketing. Empower your passion with us, and let’s elevate the game together on the world stage.

Women Squash

Championing Women’s Squash, we offer elite management, bespoke training programs, global tournament access, and powerful marketing strategies. Join us to elevate your career and shape the future of women’s squash on an international scale.


Elevating snooker talent to global prominence, we provide comprehensive management, bespoke training, international competition entry, strategic sponsorships, and robust marketing. Partner with us to refine your skills and achieve snooker excellence on the world stage.


Fueling soccer dreams to reality, our management company offers elite player representation, personalized training programs, global exposure, strategic sponsorships, and impactful marketing. Join us to navigate the competitive soccer landscape and attain lasting success.


Crafting cricket careers with precision, our sports management firm delivers elite representation, specialized training, global opportunities, strategic sponsorships, and impactful marketing. Join us to navigate the cricket world and elevate your game to unprecedented heights.